740b | Updates


WiFi Update

Many models of the iFly Aviation Portable have built-in WiFi that may be used to update both iFly EFB (the software) and the data (maps, obstacles, etc.).  Our Manual has instructions to help you through the process or you can watch a short video.

Updating with iFly Connect

This is by far the most efficient method for updating our portable units.  You'll need a Windows-based PC and an SD Card reader. 

  • Download and install iFly Connect (only need to do this once)
  • Unplug the iFly Aviation Portable and eject the SD Card
  • Insert the SD Card in the Windows PC
  • Launch iFly Connect and follow the instructions

More detailed instructions on iFly Connect can be found here:  iFly Connect Installation Instructions

Create an Update Package on a USB Drive

This method should be used if your unit cannot update via WiFi and you do not have iFly Connect.

  • You must be logged into your account and have a current subscription
  • Insert a USB drive in your computer
  • Click this link and follow the instructions

Detailed instructions can be found here.   

Download iFly EFB