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About Adventure Pilot

The iFly EFB team brings together the perfect balance of technology and real-world flight experience.  We know what pilots want and how to best deliver it.

Our Culture

Flying is our passion, our hobby and our business.  We are singularly focused on planning and navigation for the pilot.  To support our vision we are built around what we term the 'Flying Five":

  • Passion We serve the customer with purpose, pride, and a positive attitude
  • Integrity We uphold our ethics and principles with every action and decision
  • Loyalty We are committed to the greater good of the company and our industry
  • Ownership We strive for excellence in all we do, and seek to learn from mistakes
  • Teamwork We champion others with clear communication, honest relationships, patience, and encouragement

Our Beginning

Before Walter Boyd created Adventure Pilot and iFly EFB, he was part of a tech startup where he struck up a lifelong friendship with Bill Strahan. Bill, being a pilot, introduced Walter to many flying adventures.  It wasn't long before Bill and Walter purchased a Grumman Traveler together. One of the new adventures took their little plane through Mexico. Having little access to maps, and unable to afford the commercially available navigation tools at the time, they simply wrote their own basic moving map app for their trip through Mexico. Soon thereafter the Great Recession claimed the tech startup and Walter was looking for his next challenge. Rather than just jump into another job, Walter and Bill decided to build a new product based on their app from the Mexico trip that would revolutionize the industry. The iFly EFB app was born.


March, 2001.  Left to right, Caleb, Walter, Bill.    


Flying over Chichen Itza

All alone at the Chichen Itza terminal

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