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iFly Connect

iFly Connect Installation Instructions

With iFly Connect, updating your iFly GPS is easier than ever. If you have a Windows based PC and an SD card reader, you are ready to get started.


Unplug your iFly GPS and eject the SD card 

This is the postage-sized memory chip on the left side of the iFly, to eject it gently push it in and release, it will pop out like toast from a toaster


Insert the SD card into your PC
Note: If your PC doesn't have an SD reader, you can buy these from your local electronic shop.


Install iFly Connect 

This app is based on a Microsoft technology called ClickOnce, and may require Internet Explorer if your browser doesn't support it. Installing with this method allows iFly Connect to automatically update, ensuring you always have the latest version. 
Download iFly Connect


Click the "Install" button on the installer page. 

 After a few seconds you should be prompted with a warning dialog box making sure you want to install the the "Install" button.


Proceed with Installing the app. 

 If your computer didn't have some of the prequisites installed, the install app will guide you though the process of installing the .NET runtime and such...just keep agreeing with the prompts.
***NOTE: If you get the message "Microsoft Has Protected This PC", click the "More Info" link, then click "Install Anyways"***


You are done! iFly Connect will automatically launch and you may proceed with updating. 

 iFly Connect will find the SD card you inserted in your computer, figure out what needs updating, and present you with a list. To update everything, just click the "Install Selected Items" button. If you're in a hurry, you can select specific items to update. Now that the Update App is installed, it will be accessible through windows. Just click your Start icon, it's under the Adventure Pilot folder.


Next time you wish to use iFly Connect, just run the app from your Start button. Click your Windows Start Button, then "All Programs", "Adventure Pilot", "iFly Connect".