iFly GPS is the complete EFB app for Android, iOS and Windows that has all the advanced features pilots want in the most intuitive flight planning and navigation solution on the market.

The Complete EFB

The Intuitive EFB

Every feature we build is designed to minimize pilot input and completely remove complex interaction.  Features are designed to be no more than two simple touches away.

Large Buttons and Menus

Menus and buttons are simple, descriptive and clear using high-contrast colors and large fonts.

High Contrast Colors

iFly GPS is made for your cockpit.  We've developed proprietary methods to provide high contract images and fonts for high visibility in the most challenging cockpits.

Intelligent Selection

Bouncing around in turbulence is challenging enough without your EFB popping up the wrong information.  iFly GPS limits false selections by intelligently determining the desired action.

No Complex Gestures

iFly GPS is touch-based such that there are no complex gestures.  No dragging or deep menus -- nearly every function is two touches away!

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