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The Better Way to Navigate 

The Complete EFB - Made for the Cockpit


RealPlan does complete automatic and optimal VFR routing based on your customizable options.  RealPlan will take advantage of weather system winds, route around dangerous terrain, avoid large bodies of water and circumnavigate complex airspace with the touch of a button.  All while finding the fastest and least expensive route to your destination.

Synthetic Vision

Provides enhanced situational awareness in a variety of conditions and terrain.  Fly with the most advanced EFB Synthetic Vision on the market!  High resolution terrain data is based on NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission and uniquely processed by iFly EFB while the obstacles are updated every 28 days from the FAA.

Moving Map

Display your current position, active and backup flight plan directly on seamless FAA charts and plates in portrait or landscape mode in either Track Up or North Up orientation.

iFly EFB also switches automatically to RealView satellite images as you descend to your destination.

Terrain and Obstacle Alerts

Terrain highlighting for potential threats, active obstruction alerts along with vertical flight planning provide confidence and safety.  The Active Alerting System provides a central location for alerts and more -- including terrain, traffic, towers and airspace

Flight Planning

Set your destination with a touch of your finger and easily pan along your magenta line.  Reroute around airspace or obstructions with our easy-to-use rubber banding feature.

Use our exclusive Vertical Planning feature to get optimal winds and get a relative terrain view along with a vertical profile of your flight plan.  Your plan can be planned and optimized for multiple altitudes to give you confidence when traversing complex terrain.

Geo-referenced Charts and Plates

iFly EFB is feature packed with high resolution geo-referenced VFR Sectionals, IFR High/Low Enroute charts, Approach Plates, Highlighted Special Use Airspace and more.  Plates can be transparently overlaid with both day and night mode.

RealView and AutoTaxi+

View satellite airport images for nearly 13,000 US airports with runway outlines upon approach, during taxi or before takeoff.  No internet required!

AutoTaxi+ allows the pilot to quickly identify runways, taxiways and hangars; all while seeing the aircraft's exact position on the screen to follow taxi instructions with confidence.

ADS-B Weather & Traffic

Receive updated weather and traffic information in the air with ADS-B (FIS-B Weather).  Live NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft, Lightning,  PIREPS and more.  Additionally, iFly EFB provides ADS-B In compatibility with most 3rd party receivers.

FBO Services and Fuel Prices

iFly EFB provides a comprehensive list of FBO services, phone numbers and fuel prices that are updated frequently.  Display fuel prices on the map to help with cost-effective routing.  Determining FBO services at any airport is at your fingertips.

Customized Data Blocks

iFly EFB provides the freedom to display the data you need, in any location and with a variety of sizes and colors.  Unlike most other EFBs -- we don't restrict the data or the number of fields you can view.  Choose dynamic instrument boxes and even an HSI with Artificial Horizon (w/connected AHRS).  

Intuitive Interface

Operate and maintain iFly EFB on any device.  The intuitive interface allows you to enjoy the ease-of-use from a variety of devices: from Apple to Android or Windows.  The same features are available on ALL platforms!

Cockpit visibility is second to none with carefully selected fonts and colors to provide optimal readability.

Flight Filing and Briefing

Plan, File, Activate and Close a flight plan right from iFly EFB -- we are fully integrated with 1800WxBrief.

Save and Load prior flight plans with ease and fly them with your own customized flight profiles.

Configurable "6 Pack"

Simulate traditional 'Round Gauge" instruments fed either by GPS or an attached AHRS to create an analog panel.  Configure the screen to match your panel and reference instruments such as HSI, VSI, Ground Speed, Altimeter, Turn Indicator, etc.  Add an AHRS and get an Artificial Horizon with Attitude Safety Alerts.

Public/Private Airports

View the exhaustive database for both public and private airport information.  Create custom waypoints for locations that aren't on the charts or maps.  And utilize the interactive NRST page with Emergency Assist for a flexible dynamic search.

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