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DC Hardwire Cord

Allows any iteration of iFly hardware to be directly wired into your aircraft's electrical system.

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DC Harness w/ tinned wires.

Directly connect to a battery, switch, panel or more.  It is recommended to connect to a fused bus or adding a 1.5 amp fuse inline.  This power harness offers a heavy duty connector and durable wiring.  

This DC Hardwire fits the iFly 520, 700, 720 and 740.

Product Specifications

Plug Type - 1.3mm I.D. x 3.5mm O.D.
Wire Type - 24AWG
Jacket Color - Black & Black/White
Connector Color - Nickel Plated
Cable Length - 3'
Type - Right Angle Tip
Quantity - 1

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